Our area consists of a lot treasures for seekers and explorers. Here you can visit cafés and restaurants, museums, go for art exhibitions or do some serious shopping!

In the tranquility of the countryside, you have perfect opportunities to go paddling, horse riding, wandering and bicycling. Go explore, try one of our facilitated paths – make it a physical challenge or a botanical tour including historical marks and meetings with the locals.

Time to fish! But what?
Thanks to the varied nature here you can fish for pike, perch, seatrout, salmon, ide and lavaret in both salt and sweet waters! Here´s always some extra active fish no matter when you visit!

Have a look at our fishing calendar... In the circle below you can follow our eight most popular species the year around. The darker colour - the better fishing. But remember: No rule without exception. Look for your species and you will know when it´s time to go!

Seatrout fishing is forbidden in rivers and at the coast during Oct–Dec. Salmon fishing is forbidden in the rivers during the same period (check for each river's premiere day, often during February-March).

Pike - Gädda - Hecht - Esox Lucius

Perch - Abborre - Barsch - Perca Fluviatilis

Salmon - Lax - Lachs - Salmo Salar

Seatrout - Havsöring - Meerforelle - Salmo Trutta

Zander - Gös - Zander - Sander Lucioperca

Cod - Torsk - Dorsch - Gadus Morhua

Lavaret (Whitefish) - Sik - Maräne - Coregonus Lavaretus

Fjällkarp - Carp - Karpfen - Cyprinus Carpio

Spegelkarp - Mirror Carp - Zeikarpfen - Cyprinus Carpio

Brunöring - Brown Trout - Forelle -Salmo Trutta

Storröding - Big Char - Saibling - Salvelinus Umbla

Sutare - Tench - Schiele - Tinca Vulgaris

Mört - Roach - Plötze - Rutilus Rutilus

Björkna - Silver Bream- Güster - Abramis Bjoerkna

Id - Ide - Aland - Leuciscus Idus

Braxen - Bream - Brachse - Abramis Brama

Asp - Asp - Rapfen - Aspius Aspius

Faren - Blue Bream - Zope - Abramis Balerus

Färna - European Chub - Döbel -Squalius Cephalus

Rainbow trout - Regnbåge - Regenbogenforelle - Oncorhynchus Mykiss

Näbbgädda - Garfish - Hornhecht - Belone Belone